Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dog shows and more puppy pictures

I went up to the Blackfoot shows on Friday and Saturday to help Shannalee. I had a lot of fun watching all the dogs and visiting with the people. The weather was nice half the time, but horrible the other half. May I just say that I am so SICK of the rain?! We had a typical Idaho storm with some of the hardest rain I have experienced, lasting for about 20 minutes.
Anyway, I drove back last night in beautiful weather, went to work, and finally got to go home to see my puppies. This morning, I took Gyp out to train a little bit for the agility trial next weekend. It is going to be a huge trial, since this is a world team tryout event. Should be fun!
Not much going on otherwise. Here are a few new pictures of the babies. Enjoy!
Big girl.
big girl on left, big boy on right
little girl on top, little boy on bottom
big boy
Little girl.


BC Insanity said...

awwwwww, so cuuute

D'Gio Shelties said...

They look very happy and healthy. Congratulations!