Monday, June 22, 2009

USDAA trial

The USDAA agility trial was this weekend in Salt Lake. This is one of my favorite trials because it is at an absolutely perfect trial site. It is on grass, with trees around the rings, tenting in the field, and camping in the next field up. It always stays cool for crating the dogs, too. Anyway, Gyp got hurt at the seminar on Wednesday so I didn't run much. She gave me a real scare... wouldn't extend off her rear, wasn't jumping or moving right, and was really tender down her mid back.
I took her to the vet that afternoon and he told me that she had significant deterioration of the discs in the lumbar region of the back. He took x-rays and sent me home with drugs and the statement that she wouldn't be able to be active much longer. It crushed me.
Friday, I took a copy of the x-rays to the trial and showed it to people, none of whom saw a problem. Then, I took her to my acupuncture/chiropractic vet who confirmed their evaluation that it was just a sprain. I am resting her and will work her back into shape starting in about a week. She doesn't like this regimine. I ran her in four classes throughout the weekend, pulling from everything else. Saturday, we ran in Grand Prix and Steeplechase (which we won the first day), and the second round of Steeplechase and jumpers on Sunday. I had a lot of fun with those four runs and am really enthusiastic about continuing my training and trialing this year. I am just going to be more careful to be sure that the dogs are in better shape before training.
As far as puppies go, everyone's eyes are open except the big boy's whose eyes are starting to open. All of them are up on their feet already, starting to wobble around. A couple of them are really good on their feet already and can really speed across the pen. I love these babies. They are really nice so far... very, very pretty. I don't have new pictures yet but will post some in a day or so.

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