Saturday, November 29, 2008


I love Thanksgiving. It's a time when you get to spend time with family, friends, and eat all the food you want without feeling the slightest bit guilty about it.
Thursday, as has become tradition, the family went to the church to host Thanksgiving dinner. I also dragged some Puerto Rican and Dominican friends from school to bring an international flair to the holiday. We had all the traditional - lots of Turkey, potatoes, sweet potatoes, rolls, etc - as well as some not so standard dishes, like corn pudding, cheese grits (my favorite), and a puerto rican macaroni salad. We also had some awesome desserts, suprisingly, though, not many people brought pumpkin pie. I had a fantastic time.
Today, I got to have a second thanksgiving up in Logan. Nayda and her mom cooked a 26 pound turkey, as well as some rice, pasta, bread, and salad - all Puerto Rican style. A bunch of people from school came and ate, and ate, and ate. Tika got to join us too. She was, yet again, a hit with everyone. I'm going to have to keep an eye out or she'll be stolen, luckily, I don't think she would allow that to happen. I'll try to add some pictures from the holiday in the next couple days.
Between all the fun stuff, I worked a lot - I've been covering both shifts at the vet clinic while my room mate is out of town, I went down to the kennel a couple times to train the detection dogs, and I finished my book. I still need to do some homework for Monday and start studying for finals the week after next. Uggh... Well, I can deal with one week of classes and a couple exams. Then it's Christmas time, and a much needed rest from school.

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