Sunday, November 23, 2008

College dog

I was reminded this weekend how lucky I am to have Tika. She really proved herself as a model college dog this weekend.
Why do I say she is a model college dog? Well, you know those pictures where the dog is sitting on a chair at the table with a bunch of people playing poker? Tika could have fit right in. I was staying with some friends, so of course Tika came with me. She tried really hard to convince people to share with her (food, drink - didn't matter). She played with everyone, let everyone pet her, and kept the barking to a minimum - really, she only barked a handful of times all weekend. Those barks were mainly to tell the neighbors off for slamming their doors and stomping up and down the stairs all night. Everyone got a kick out of having her around.
What more can I ask for in a dog? Tika is an awesome working dog, a fantastic hang-out dog, and my constant companion, in a pretty, easy to care for package. I am so lucky.

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