Sunday, October 18, 2009

Soon to follow...

The puppies are doing great. All are in their new homes, tearing it up. I'm going to try to keep up with the blog better now that school has started and I have some time. Isn't that backwards? Most students have less time during the school year than they do during the summer. Hmmm... something is wrong with this picture. Oh well.
I kept Bode and renamed him Kai. It is a german name, means ocean in many languages, and is a Samoan god of fire. He is growing like a weed, learning fast, and even got the chance to herd some sheep this week.
Long story short: life is good, dogs are great. Pictures will follow, but for now I have an organic chemistry exam to study for and a presentation to prepare. Note to self - procrastination is bad. Will it stop me? Probably not.

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Cool Design Shelties said...

Good luck with Kai :o)