Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I'm on call for lamb watch duty tonight and was already called to help save a couple lambs and their mother. I just got home (at 11 PM) and felt the need to discuss some news I learned today.
About the boycott... McDonalds is no longer buying American beef, so the students at Utah State University have started boycotting the restaurant. We feel that American beef deserves a place in our own country's fast food restaurants. I have nothing against Brazilian meat, but with as much effort as we put into growing beef it should be served in our own country. We should be eating home-grown meat - just think, it should even be tastier. There will be less processing, less shipping, less hastle, and more money supporting our local agriculture and really the entire economy. So, here I am reaching out to all of you to join the boycott against McDonalds - support American Agriculture.

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EriknGus said...

Brazil?! Wow.. that makes no sense anywhere but America, where we don't produce ANYTHING ourselves anymore-*IF* your going to eat it, make it local :)