Saturday, January 17, 2009

Kelley Creek Farm lambs

I am house sitting at the farm in Huntsville right now. I love this time of year because we are lambing. We breed hair sheep, which were specifically developed for meat. Our flock is a mix of three breeds - Dorper, Katahdin, and Barbado. We have chosen this combination to create a moderate body type (not too light, not too heavy), which makes ideal sheep for working the dogs. We are also trying to breed for lots of color - we tan and sell the prettiest hides, not to mention that they are just nicer to look at.
Anyway, that's besides the point. This year's lamb crop is turning out to be particularly nice. This is the first year we have been really careful with our breedings (most sheep operations get a bunch of rams and put them in with all the ewes - we bred this way the last couple years), hand picking which ewes will be bred to which rams. I have really been enjoying this because I can see what each ram/ewe is producing. I am also trying to figure out how color is inherited because no one really knows. So, here are a pictures of a couple of our lambs - taking the pictures proved to be somewhat difficult, so these are the pics that turned out best. Enjoy.

On another note, I have been going to physical therapy twice a week, doing daily exercises, and wearing my ankle brace religiously. Oh, and yes, I have slowed down my activity... slightly (I'm sticking to long walks, rather than runs). I'm hoping it heals up... we'll see.

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